Il Giglio Pizzeria

Important message for our customers

We inform our customers that the pizzeria Il Giglio di Monzambano has moved to Strada dei Colli 5.

The new and definitive telephone number of Monzambano is 03761814123.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

"Giglio's" restaurant was born from the dream of three brothers : Christian , Matteo and Thomas , who , after a long experience at the side of great pizza master , decided in 1995 to open their first restaurant in the historical center of Monzambano.

Giglio's pizza is a light and amazing pizza that blends tradition and innovation , always with the highest quality where every ingredient is chosen scrupulously to ensure a result of highest levels.

There is a wood-fired oven that burns only trunks of olive , oak and beech. For this reason Giglio's pizza stands in taste in colour and in a magic set of aromas , that stimulate the pleasure of the senses , leaving the pleasant desire to explore the entire menu , that , we remind , it's almost about a hundred different pizza.Alternatively you can order cold dishes or salads.